Pride and Embarrassment

My objects are both a little bit tricky.

My first object is my teddy bear that my grandad gave me when I was four. I have always been attached to my bear, which I smartly named beary. I’m usually very proud of my bear. I bring him everywhere – from coast to coast to outside of the country. He’s (yes, I’ve given my bear a gender) a huge comfort for me so I make sure I bring him everywhere. However prideful I am of my bear though I do get embarrassed when others see my attachment to the stuffed animal when I am pushing 22 years old. This is where my embarrassment comes from. Most people would probably find it weird that a 22 year old still sleeps with her stuffed animal. And I agree, it is weird and embarrassing but for some reason I just won’t give him up. My bear makes me feel close to my grandfather as well as safe from outside harm. In a sense I am both prideful and embarrassed by my bear, and to be honest, I find it embarrassing that I am even embarrassed. I usually pride myself on not caring what others think. Imagine a world if we didn’t hold any embarrassing objects because we only cared about how we felt about the object instead of what others think?

As for pride, I’m bringing in something that I can’t remove (unless I spent hundreds/thousands of dollars removing it) – my tattoo! I have four tattoos but my arm tattoo is the one I’m more proud of. The reason for this is because I went through a phase where I absolutely HATED it. I got the tattoo in memory of my grandparents but when I saw the final result I was shocked at how big the tattoo actually was. I was saving money to actually get it removed. However, I have recently begun falling in love with it and day by day I begin to like the tattoo more and more. I’m proud of it because it’s something I didn’t try to erase. I got the tattoo for a reason, my grandparents have always meant a lot to me and I wanted to be able to show that in some way that I find appealing. Many people think that we will all regret our tattoos but I find that it has been the exact opposite. I am learning to LOVE my tattoos. At least when I’m old I can say that I lived one hell of a life! Again, I’d say this is an embarrassing and prideful object. I was at first embarrassed but soon grew prideful of my tattoo and now I’m sure to show it off as much as possible.

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