William Short

I thought that William Short was really great as a person and as a photographer. 


I’ve always been very interested in the Vietnam War. Being as Liberal as I am, it is one of the wars that I think was completely useless, but also I thought that it was extremely helpful in opening the eyes of many Americans. The protests that occurred during this time were extremely telling. Finally the younger generation was getting up and sticking up for what they believe in. That’s why I thought Short’s story was all the more interesting. I had no idea that people actually fighting in Vietnam staged protests as well. That is really cool in my opinion and I wondered why we aren’t taught that in school. It was exciting to be in the presence  of someone who is technically part of a piece of history. His work that went along with Vietnam was some of my favorite of his as well. I particularly liked when he went back to Vietnam and began taking “snap shot” like photographs of people from the area – all who are also a piece of history. I particularly liked the portrait of the women who survived one of the village killings. There is so much history that goes along with photographs like that and not only is it compelling, it is also good for us to remember that “America” is not “the good guy” in many of these wars.

I loved his portraits of the people who used to be homeless but aren’t anymore. I thought he really captured the personality of each individual, and coupled with the lighting, the imaged really stood out. The one I completely remember is the one of the woman making pizza. Her photograph was fun, happy, and lively. I thought that it fit who William described her as very well.

Unfortunately, I can’t save any of the images and post them here but I also LOVED his architecture photography. This is more of aesthetics for me – also because I love dream house shopping. Pretty much, every house he photographed I wanted for myself. The reason for this I believe has a lot to do with the photograph instead of just the architecture. The photo makes the houses look spacious, clean, and simple but still beautiful. The lighting had a large role in creating this affect. I wouldn’t mind visiting all of those houses to see how they look in real life (I’m sure amazing).

In the end, I thought William Short was pretty phenomenal. I liked how he had a clear vision but at the same time takes photographs plenty of different subjects. He is consistent yet multifaceted. I really enjoyed his presentation.

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