Even though I’ve had multiple photoshop tutorials there sate still areas that I struggle with. I’m not sure that I can say that I feel totally comfortable with anything in photoshop. Last year I do think I became a lot better at cleaning up the scan and learning how to find the correct color. However, I have issues with actually remembering everything that I’ve learned because so much information is given to us. 

I think I still need to work on a few things. I’ve gotten pretty good at black and white photography on photoshop but sometimes I go overboard on the curves. I need to know when the best balance between lights and darks are. Similarly, when you print the picture it never comes out the same as it looks on the computer screen, this creates visual issues for me and tends to be the reason why I give too much contrast. 

As for another area I need to work on it is sharpening. This one is pretty basic. I’ve never done sharpening before so I usually sharpen too much or sharpen too little. 

Overall, there are areas that I need to try out more and practice more. I so think that I’ve become way better at photoshop than when I first started using it years ago. I think this class will really help cement the other teachings I’ve learned while making me better in areas that I’ve previously struggled with. 


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