Final Project Progress

Final Project Progress

This is the first photo that I’ve completed for my final project. I will be doing reshoots on Wednesday and Sunday of this coming week.

  1. Oh very nice. I’m excited to see the rest of the “movie”! I think that you’re use of studio lighting makes this image. It would not have the same affect if you had some ugly overhead flourescent light.

  2. art380 said:

    As I’ve told you before, I think this project is very interesting, and very appropriate for your kind of style as a photographer, since you like things contrasty and dark. I think it’s great that you finally feel comfortable enough to use these lights for your final project and thesis, as you’ve told us at the beginning of the semester, you had always been interested in studio lighting. What I love about this picture is the lighting and the harsh shadows that are created on the face of the main girl. All our attention is focused on her, you’ve done a great job in making her the center of this shot. I also think you payed great attention to detail as to what she was wearing, it creates this great contrast between the lights and darks and really works well. As for the idea that we are following a story, it’s hard to imagine as the audience what kind of situation these characters are in. I’m thinking a bar, because of the tip jar and the bottles of wine, however the setting is very limited and the decoration is very simple. I was wondering if this is how you wanted it to be, if this was purposeful, or if maybe you should think about using locations that are a little more complex and believable.

    • Yes, it’s a bar! I think the starkness of the bar was more of just a location/money issue than a deliberate choice! Although I do like the starkness because this bar is supposed to be a little bit ‘seedy.’ In the mock script that I wrote up for the project this bar is essentially called the 99, to represent the 99 percent, who after working all day, go to this pretty rank bar as a place to wind down and also as a place to act as if they are richer than they are. One of my models, Candy (who is not photographed in this photo) is supposed to be a little higher class than the workers who come to this bar and is only there because she needs to talk to someone about the crime she committed. For Brian’s class the “story” will be incomplete. I’ve talked to him and we’ve gone over how his final doesn’t need to tell the complete story but for the full thesis, my hope is to get across the barrier between the 1% and the 99%. In this case, the woman of the 1% committed the crime against a working class man and is also trying to pawn it off on another working class man. It will hopefully show how the 1% uses the working class to their advantage and when they can no longer benefit from the working class they dispose (fire/dismiss/etc) of them!

      The project also uses classic Noir themes. Like the male cop who is seemingly moral turns out to be just as immoral in end because he ends up killing the perpetrator without giving her a fair trial.

      I will be reshooting in this location this Sunday so I will try some photos with a spruced up bar to see how it looks!!

      • art380 said:

        That’s a great detailed story! Can’t wait for more 😉

  3. Erica said:

    I think your darks and lights look great in this scan and I loooove film noir so I’m excited to see your approach.

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