Online Photo Magazine

Before this assignment I hadn’t really looked at online photo magazines. Because of this, I had to look on my own at different magazines to see which ones I related to. Unfortunately, I went through many magazines and didn’t seem to find one that I liked. However, I came across this magazine: and really enjoyed it. 

Blue Eyes Magazine is dedicated to showcasing long term documentary photo projects. “Skate Rats” the current showcase is what really caught my attention. I loved the use of color as well as the use of the subjects in each photograph. The people seemed gritty but fun. And it gave me a sort of “day in the life” of a skate rat.

I think this sight is worth while because it really shows us interesting subjects. “London Calling” and the work on flight attendants may entertain others that weren’t so interested in “Skate Rats.” I think documentary is important because it shows us what is going on this world and that we aren’t the only beings that are important. I think the long term aspect is also worth while because it shows us how a photographer grows over time. This way, we can look at the site and learn from the things that we liked and that we didn’t like. 


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