Another shoot…

Tomorrow I will be reshooting the bar scene for my final project. Today I received my film from my other reshoot, which I did on Wednesday. I scanned, edited, and printed most of the ones that I liked. I thought I would share a few photographs from this batch. I am curious if I am figuring out how to properly use the lighting where I don’t lose detail in the blacks and whites. Brian, Tom, and I discussed this in detail in class on Tuesday. For these photos, I made sure there was no greater than a 5 stop difference between the darks and the lights. On top of that, I overexposed my film by 1 stop and then underdeveloped by 1 stop.

Here are some of the results (though hard to see on the computer, I think I accomplished getting more details in the blacks):





  1. I think you succeeded in getting the most details in the shadows in the last photograph! Although his sweater is a rich black, there is still so much detail seen in the knitting and design. That photo, I think, is a really good example of achieving detail in the darks. The first one still seems really dark in the shadows but I personally like it. However, I’m sure it looks a lot different in print! Really looking forward to how your series turns out.

    • Thanks! I think the first one looks better in the print, but it is a bit dark. Unfortunately I can’t reshoot again until January! I do think it looks better than the last shoot though!

  2. art380 said:

    Hello, hope your shoot went well today. I like where your project is going. And I do agree with Candice, it seems like you’ve done everything in your power to make this scene believable in terms of its tone between darks and lights. I like the way you used the lighting equipment and the way it creates these really harsh and dark shadows, which seems to fit your project very well. I really like the last photograph, it’s very confrontational and straight in your face. I do wish the second to last photo was simpler like the rest of your photos and didn’t have these distracting elements in the background.

    • Thank you!! I agree about the last photo, unfortunately I could not move the thing in the background! However, in January I will be retaking the “shooting” scene and I think I am going to move locations.

  3. Jenny, these photos are making me excited to see the project as a whole! I saw a few of your prints in person yesterday and there is a ton of detail in your blacks (which you can’t see that well online). I think the shadows make the images. It creates a creepy feeling and makes the composites interesting!

  4. Tomorrow we can talk about the difference between these jpg’s you are posting and the ‘real’ images, whether they are digital prints or not. I’ll have to see them, but objectively speaking, if you’ve got good negs, there should be no reason why you don’t have good jpg’s too.

    • Some of them are still too dark (or thin on the negative) but others came out alright.

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